Moving like a severe Dallas thunderstorm

are indie artists Ca$hiff and J.DOT of Local

rap group MOMM. Their lyrical prowess is

focused on redefining hip-hop through

delivery of refreshing yet socially lyrical

content. Together they are creating more

than a “buzz” up & down the mid-west

and southern regions. 

Known for their dynamic collaboration and

energetic performances under their music umbrella called Music On My Mind (MOMM). The two have

partnered to create under movement and supportive fan base of people who truly support their

authenticity and embrace their music. These Dallas Texas artists were born and breed in D-Town and

both inspired by Tupac and J.Coles, drive, passion and lyrical genius. Together, they strive to model their

business approach as an indie artist from shared wisdom of artist like Gucci, Kevin Gates, Future and Yo

Gotti because of their amazing grind and business acumen.

American Rap/Hip-Hop artists, Ca$hiff and J.DOT bring a unique sound and thought provoking lyrics.

Passionate and focused, they passion for music in collaborative projects, with other artist who share the

vision but as a group they are both focused on brand building and perfecting their careers and artistry.

A dope group with undeniable collaborative energy that exist between them - they seamlessly create

magic! They are blood brothers with a shared bond of DNA, determination, creativity and music

–constantly finding ways of balancing personal GROWTH, passions and entrepreneurial spirits.

As artists, the lyrical style for MOMM is a movement which is described as a lifestyle. Their music/lyrical

style delivers versatile southern content, sound with a message. Within their music, you can hear

elements of passion, grit and determination. Both very well spoken, sharp, humble and known for

possessing solid work ethic. Lyrical messages and word play captivates conscious fans. From singles,

crisp visuals, quality merchandise – They are continuously pushing their music in the movement,

trenches and at shows. The goal is for the collective brand to span nationwide as fans gravitate towards

“real artist”.


Chris james ( J. DOT )

"Dreams are timeless, they don't come with expiration dates"

"We don't have to wait until we die to live like we're in paradise."